by Laky Zervudachi

Rockport fish: how we can get you hooked on fresh fish

Rockport fish: how we can get you hooked on fresh fish

Here at Rockport – fish and seafood are not just food, but a true passion!

We take extreme pride in supplying a wide variety of the freshest fish our coasts have to offer.

We appreciate what a tough job our British Fisherman do and we support them by buying locally caught species wherever possible via our strong links with ports around the UK. Rockport have worked closely with fishermen and fish farmers over many years to build the best possible and importantly most reliable supply chain to ensure our customers always receive the very best quality, sustainably sourced fish and seafood. We expertly catch, hand prepare, fillet and vac-pack your fish ready for delivery to your kitchen the next day.

As sustainability director I have been involved in the seafood industry for over 35 years and have seen many changes in the sector, but not a day goes by that I don’t learn something new about this amazing protein. Fresh fish is not only healthy and good for us but it is very versatile and offers premiumisation and customisation to your menu. We have worked with chefs at Bidfood to create inspiring recipes to showcase the variety and versatility of the fish on offer. You can find these on the Rockport web page and we hope they will inspire exciting new menu ideas.

The initial range of fresh fish is built on the most popular species. We have menu staples from salmon, cod and haddock to fresh seabass and bream, filleted or whole. We’ve done the hard work for you so your fish will arrive pre-prepared and vacpacked sealed for a no odour, fresh for 4 days product ready to use, store or freeze.

Collaborating with Bidfood has allowed us to provide you with the expertise of a fishmonger straight to your kitchen door in one consolidated order. Saving time, skill set and only one point of contact to your kitchen.

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