by Andrew Dorney

Back2Business: how our catering supplies range can help

Back2Business: how our catering supplies range can help

In recent weeks, we have seen many pubs, bars and restaurants reopen their doors to the public; it’s great to see our industry starting to get back on its feet.

I have certainly sensed a mix of emotions from my close friends and colleagues about this. On the one hand, there’s excitement about having a sit down meal in a favourite restaurant or a refreshing pint in the local. On the other hand, there’s apprehension to venture out. You also have those of us who have learnt new culinary skills so don’t see the need to head out to restaurants, as they’re happy with their home cooked meal.

No matter what peoples preferences are one things for sure… a lot has changed for our customers, and their customers, in a short space of time.

When we speak to our customers regarding catering supplies, every conversation centres around their reopening. In many cases, our customers need to create their own protocols for safer environments for not only customers, but also employees. I’ve personally found that conversations are very open, honest and educational for both parties, with a “finding a way” attitude.

Every customer has unique challenges and it’s important to understand these so we can offer the best solutions. Amidst the increased need for food to go options, wrapped products and one touch no touch paper, there are always 3 constant needs for the customer. These are:


  1. Hand Hygiene

Hand hygiene is an essential part of reopening. Not only do customers need to have hand-washing facilities for employees, they also need to make sure it’s readily available for their own customers. We all know that washing hands is the best way to remove germs. If warm water and soap is not available, then hand sanitiser should be used. We have seen a huge increase in hand sanitiser demand in our range and we’ve also introduced portable and free standing hand sanitising station options for our customers. Here are some top picks from our range:

  • Chemeco Alcohol Free Hand Rub (92461) 6 x 500 ml … recently certified to kill Covid-19
  • Hand Sanitisation Stand (44763)
  • Tork Anti-Microbial Foam Soap (27005)


  1. PPE

Gloves, masks and aprons have always been essential for employee safety and good food hygiene. The biggest change is PPE is now visible to their customer as it is vital for their own safety, protection. It also plays a big role in consumer confidence, as the visibility of PPE means the consumer feels safer at the outlet. PPE has fast become part of the uniform. We’ve introduced masks, both washable and disposable, into our range as well as many other PPE items. Here are some top picks from the range:

  • Reusable washable face mask and Filter (45614 & 45787)
  • Powder Free Blue Vinyl and Nitrile Gloves in all sizes
  • Inferred Thermometer (45364)


  1. Social Distancing

Social distancing is a new concept for us all and I have been amazed at how adaptable businesses have been. Our customers have been reducing seating and tables, putting in clear signage such as floor graphics, and using sneeze screens, time slots and even ordering apps. These are some of the top picks from our range:

  • Sneeze Guards (45231)
  • Arrowed Distance Floor Graphics (45382)
  • Mobile Sneeze Screens (45245)


With all of the above possibly being included in one conversation, it’s critical that we don’t overlook all the basic catering supplies lines our customer need to operate. That’s why we’ve worked hard to pull together a range of product guides that showcase our hygiene, social distancing and food to go ranges. We’re here to help our customers get back to business so if you’re looking for help with any of the above areas for reopening, make sure you pick up with your Business Manager to work through specific individual business needs. If you’re looking for help in the above areas, and are not an existing customer, simply get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to help.

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