Date posted: 27/03/2019

Bidfood launches new guide for Care Caterers

Bidfood has launched a new guide to help care caterers with the fundamentals of meal planning, explaining the Care Quality Commission (CQC) requirements and offering a wealth of recipe ideas and inspiration. Designed by industry specialists, the handbook tackles a variety of challenges, from boosting calorie intake for malnourished residents with fortified desserts and dairy products, to catering for those with Dementia, and specific allergy and dietary requirements including Dysphagia. The new handbook takes a holistic approach, helping care home professionals cater to their residents’ dietary requirements, improving the overall dining experience. It includes ideas such as getting residents involved in cupcake decorating, introducing a hydration station or celebrating special occasions with afternoon tea, making mealtimes even more memorable. Mealtimes are a fundamental part of the day for care home residents. Not only are they essential for nutritional intake, they can also be a great opportunity to come together socially for a shared event. Providing the right food offering and dining experience can therefore not only affect residents’ physical health, but also their mental wellbeing. Vicky Mogford, Marketing Manager at Bidfood, said: “There are a number of challenges facing care caterers, from adhering to the CQC guidelines, to having limited time and resources in the kitchen. This handbook helps chefs and care home professionals to overcome these potential barriers, inspiring them to create fun and engaging dining experiences. Food is about so much more than just re-fuelling and dining should continue to be an enjoyable experience throughout our lives.” The guide can be found in our Care Home page and customers can speak to their Account Manager for further information.
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