Date posted: 01/02/2018

Bidfood Creates Summer with trend-filled range

Inspired by the latest consumer dining trends, Bidfood has unveiled its innovative 2018 Create Summer range to help caterers kick-start the new season.

Developed following extensive research, Create Summer showcases a variety of new-to-market wholesale foods and drink products, enabling businesses to capitalise on the trends driving consumer choice in 2018. With the rise of vegan eating and middle eastern cuisine key for this year, Bidfood has introduced tempting summer treats such as vegan chocolate caramel brownie and inspiring dishes including freekah (a cereal made from green durum wheat) and lamb kibbeh (a Levantine dish made with finely ground meat and spices). Laura Mason, Campaign Manager at Bidfood, said: “We’ve loved designing, developing and choosing the exciting new Create Summer range and it’s been fantastic to share the final collection with everyone. “Central to the range is our in-depth industry knowledge which ensures caterers can stay ahead of the curve with on-trend and bespoke menu suggestions that directly cater to their diners. This year, consumer desire for new flavour combinations and experience-led dining will continue to dominate. Equally, government mandates around sugar and the ever-growing demand to meet dietary requirements with interesting menu options will be top of the agenda. Bidfood’s Create Summer range ties all this together to provide caterers with a wide variety of options to meet these needs and more!” Working alongside Public Health England (PHE), Bidfood’s summer range includes products which address operator needs to meet the latest sugar targets. New products include a Lemon & Raspberry Ginger Crunch dessert and Vegan Coconut and Chocolate Tart. In addition, Bidfood has developed a nutritional screening tool for new product development, used to review the nutritional content of products within its own brand range to build its nutritional credentials, as well as to support its healthy eating agenda. The Bidfood Create Summer range is available to order from 1st March. For more information, please visit or call 01494 555 900.
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