Delivering service excellence

Best team

It’s our values that make the difference

Our journey began in 1929, and over the years we’ve grown into one of the best foodservice providers in the country. We’ve achieved this by creating a genuine culture of caring, which is one of the key things that sets us apart in our market. We care about our customers, about our people, our communities, our planet and our principles. And we care about the service we deliver. It’s all of this that motivates us to be a positive force for change in the industry.

The culture we’ve created is driven by our core values of Care, Share and Dare. We live and breathe these values every day and they play a huge part in making Bidfood such a great employer, team and supplier to our customers.

What does that mean to you?

Our values are the reason why we strive to deliver service excellence, and why we put so much effort into investing in technology, building an infrastructure that keeps us close to our customers, and being the best team to give our customers real value, great food and a great experience.

We might be a national business, but we all work hard at a local level to stay close to our customers, help them grow and make life easier for them. We are a diverse team which makes us stronger. We care about everyone who works here, and appreciate that each member of our team plays a huge part in keeping us moving forward, and helping us go the extra mile for our customers.

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