Skilful Flavour

This trend is all about adding complex flavour levels, through skilful preparation, cooking or serving methods

Why is this a 2020 food trend?

This trends gives chefs a new way to demonstrate their talents. Raw sounds easy to do, for instance, but you need fresh components that are skilfully and safely prepared. These techniques were once only seen with meat and fish, but as we try to cut down on animal protein, vegetable based alternatives grow.

Key sub-trends for skilful flavour:

  1. Raw – Light, fresh and summery, great skill is needed to prepare these raw delicacies
  2. Pickled and cured – It started with gut health and is now trending as a fantastic flavour explosion on any plate
  3. Blackened and burnt – Blackened and burnt seems strange to call out on menus but it creates great new levels of flavour and texture
  4. Fried – It’s all about maximum texture and flavour with this trend
  5. Sweet vs. savoury – As health concerns focus in on sugar, our palates are gradually becoming used to less sweet flavours

Why not try our new recipe to bring this trend to life


Cured mackerel with compressed apple and horseradish

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