2020 food trends quiz

Which Bidfood 2020 Trend are you? Plan your perfect foodie day to find out…


Firstly, pick something for breakfast

What do you fancy for lunch?

And now pick something for dinner

What would you like for dessert?

And to drink?

2020 food trends Personality Test
You are 'Simply Global'

You love to try new and exciting cuisines with a hint of spice. You value authenticity in dishes and drinks but also enjoy and global twist on the traditional.
You are 'Creatively Sustainable'

You are not only focussed on your own health, but on the health of the planet around you. You know that healthy and sustainable does not have to mean compromising on taste.
You are 'Beyond the Basics'

You know that simple can also mean delicious (if you use the best ingredients of course!) and you love a modern twist on a classic favourite.
You are 'Feed the Senses'

For you, eating and drinking is all about the experience. You love to see how your dish or drink is prepared, sharing this foodie theatre with family and friends!
You are 'Skillfull Flavour'

You are our very own Masterchef and you love how different skills can bring complex levels of flavour to any dish or drink.

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