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At Wall’s, we’ve been making the nation’s best-loved ice creams for quite some time

Over 100 years! So when it comes to ice cream, it’s fair to say we know our stuff.

10 of the top 12 selling impulse ice creams in the UK are from the Wall’s range*. Our household brands include Magnum, Solero, Cornetto, Twister and Calippo – and that’s just the beginning.

We know that nothing drives happiness like ice cream. Scroll down to find out more about what makes Wall’s ice cream special, and how we can help you to grow your ice cream sales.

Why sell Walls?

UK market leader Wall’s offers popular ice creams and a commitment to making a difference:

  1. Ethos: Focused on sustainability and responsibility, including our “Responsibly Made For Kids” promise.
  2. Service: You are the heart of everything we do. We support our retailers from offering Cabinets and Freezers to point of sales support.
  3. Products: Our comprehensive range meets all customers’ needs and price points with regularly innovative launches.

Wall’s has it all!

  • Home of beloved brands: Magnum, Twister, Solero, Feast, Cornetto.
  • Magnum Classic & White Chocolate: #1 & #2 best-selling impulse SKUs* in the market.
  • Leaders in indulgence and fruity refreshments.
  • Top choices for kids: #1 Calippo Orange & #2 Twister Pineapple*.
  • Adult favorite: Solero Exotic, #1 Adult Refresh impulse SKU*.
  • 10 out of 12 top impulse ice cream SKUs by Wall’s*.
  • Diverse range for all tastes and budgets, with constant innovation.

Introducing Magnum Euphoria and Chill

Magnum, the UK’s no.1 ice cream brand*, is pleased to introduce you to our most magical flavour innovations yet.

Discover Magnum Euphoria. Pink Lemonade’s creamy lemon ice cream, raspberry sorbet core, white chocolate, and raspberry candy bursts.

Meet Magnum Chill. Vanilla-biscuit ice cream with blueberry sorbet, vegan chocolate, and cookie pieces.

Stock these premium sensations for your customers’ delight. #WhereverPleasureTakesYou

Walls Sustainability Champions

Wall’s champions sustainability for 100+ years.

Its Responsibly Made For Kids initiative promotes ethical marketing.

Magnum uses 100% Rainforest Alliance Certified cocoa/vanilla, supports women’s empowerment.

B&J’s uses plant-based, recyclable packaging, no artificial ingredients, fairtrade, free range eggs, and free grazing dairy.

Carte D’Or uses sustainable ingredients, recyclable tubs, and aids Madagascar’s farmers with ‘Vanilla for Change’.

Responsibly made for Kids

We’re the first global ice cream brand to promise ‘Responsibly Made For Kids,’ focusing on:

  1. Responsible Communication: Clear ads for informed choices.
  2. Responsible Selling: Packaging with a special mark.
  3. Responsible Development: Kids’ treats capped at 110 calories, 12g sugar.

Plus, Calippo’s recyclable tube now uses less plastic, moving from 14% to just 8%, showcasing our commitment to the environment and dedication to children’s health.

Magnum classic

Bidfood code: 93057

Magnum white chocolate

Bidfood code: 54059

Cornetto strawberry

Bidfood code: 73800

Solero exotic

Bidfood code: 12946


Bidfood code: 90282

Calippo orange

Bidfood code: 71699


Bidfood code: 59657

Magnum Starchaser

Bidfood code: 15267

Magnum Sunlover

Bidfood code: 15268

Magnum Vegan Raspberry

Bidfood code: 15269

Twister Zinger

Bidfood code: 15270


*Nielsen GB Total Cover, 52 wks to 30/09/23

^Nielsen GB Total Cover YTD to 06/08/22

1: From purees and fruit juice from concentrate. Excludes Calippo Cola.

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