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The nation’s favourite¹

As the nation’s favourite¹ and with 185 years of experience, you can trust Tetley to provide your business with delicious product solutions and expert support to boost your tea sales.

With rising competition around every corner, and tea being the second most consumed beverage after water², it has never been more important for you to offer a quality cuppa.

Tea should be front and centre

Here’s why:

  1. 84% of the British population drink tea or herbal infusions every day³
  2. Over 100 million cups of tea are consumed per day in the UK³
  3. There are 30 million more teas consumed per day than coffees³

Why UK cafés choose Tetley

“We sell tea all hours of the day, and so we need a good product. Tetley tea is a great product, and so it’s a nobrainer for us. We’re also proud to say all our tea is Tetley, as we feel the brand fills our customers with confidence.”

The Good Loaf, Northampton

“We’re Blighty, the best of British, so we buy everything we can from British suppliers. So, in that sense it must be Tetley for our tea, as Tetley is an established British brand steeped in history with a great story as one of the pioneers for tea in Britain.”

Blighty, Tottenham London

Our range


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One cup

Bidfood code: 40549 – 1540’s

Bidfood code: 64237 – 1100’s

Bidfood code: 06952 – 440’s

One cup decaf

Bidfood code: 39898 – 440’s

Bulk tea bags

Bidfood code: 63422 – 4 pint

Bidfood code: 26034 – 2 pint

Envelope and String & Tag

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Bidfood code: 60128 – 200’s

Decaf original

Bidfood code: 80638 – 200’s

Variety case

Bidfood code: 73278 – 6 x 25’s

Easy squeeze original

Bidfood code: 21634 – 100’s

Vending and On the Go

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Loose tea

Bidfood code: 41157 – 1kg

On the go

Bidfood code: 05067 – 300’s

Tea servers of Britain, we are for you

Whatever the channel, Tetley has the product solutions for you! With a range of products to cater for a variety of sectors, you’ll find the most suitable products to meet all your tea needs. Browse our range of products for care, university, café and more.



1. Kantar World Panel No. of Households Buying Dec 2019. 2. M. Ridder (2022), “U.S. tea market – statistics & facts”, statista.com. 3. UK Tea & Infusion Association, tea.co.uk

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