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Viggo Schulstad opened his first bakery in 1880 with a passion for detail and innovation. He revolutionised rye bread in Denmark and continued growing his business, opening new bakeries, innovating recipes, and improving work conditions. His legacy lives on.

The Schulstad ‘business to business’ brand was established in 2012 under name “Schulstad Bakery Solutions” to offer one of the widest bakery assortments, together with expert services, to food professionals across the globe. Our unique approach, global knowledge, and local production, passion for food and sustainability, together with high-class customer service, make us a trusted partner for small and large businesses in the foodservice industry.

Portuguese custard tart

The ideal sweet treat to upsell with a hot drink.

Made just outside of Lisbon to a traditional Portuguese recipe. A traditional Portuguese speciality combining a light, crisp pastry case with a creamy sweet egg custard filling that gives a caramelised finish.

The ideal small indulgent, on-the-go treat to upsell with a drink in a café, coffee shop, restaurant, hotel or catering.

Chocolate croissant

Made with 16 layers of all-butter croissant dough using a unique dough resting process to develop optimum flavour and texture. Crafted into a straight croissant shape, filled end-to-end with a generous helping of chocolate flavoured filling and topped with chocolate pieces. Ideal for breakfast or mid-morning brunch offering and the perfect opportunity to upsell with a drink for a café, coffee shop, restaurant, hotel or for catering.

Owned by Lantmännen

Our Swedish parent company Lantmännen, is founded on the knowledge and values acquired through generations of farmers.

It is an agricultural cooperative and Northern Europe’s leader in agriculture, machinery, bioenergy and food products, owned by 20,000 Swedish farmers. With 10,000 employees in more than 20 countries and an annual turnover of EUR 4.8 billion, we have the basis for sound research, development and operations throughout the value chain. Together, we take responsibility from field to fork.

Baking for a better world

Let’s cut to the chase: The challenge posed by climate change is serious and growing – and the way food is cultivated, produced, and consumed has a substantial impact on the environment.  We share the responsibility with the rest of the world to act on global warming and as a cooperative owned by Nordic farmers, sustainability comes naturally to us.

As a global food company, we feel we have behaved responsibly and achieved good results. Now, with the climate crisis top of mind, it is time to step up and do more.  Our comprehensive strategy will not only help us play our part in the international effort, it will also give us a golden opportunity to use our unique strengths to positively affect the environment, health, and human potential, in every country we serve.

Action on sustainability

Baking for better climate

Baking for better health

Baking for better opportunities

Responsible business fundamentals

Almond croissant

Bidfood code: 54894

An unbaked, frozen, pre proved all-butter croissant, with an almond paste filling, topped with flaked almonds.

Royal Danish selection

Bidfood code: 00788

A selection of frozen pre-proved Cinnamon Swirl, Apricot Crowns and Vanilla Crème Crowns.

Portugese custard tart

Bidfood code: 70776

Alight, crisp pastry case filled with a sweet egg custard filling that gives a caramelised finish.

Chocolate croissant

Bidfood code: 52171

An unbaked, frozen, pre proved all-butter croissant, with chocolate filling, topped with chocolate nibs.

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