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Back to school with the UK’s number one school-compliant brand.*

We have been supplying soft drinks to UK schools nationwide for over 15 years. It’s on our family farm in Wales where these market-leading brands come to life. We are proud to be a zero-to-landfill site and 21% of our factory’s electricity is generated via our solar farm.
We believe that sustainability doesn’t stop at one milestone; our pledge to the planet is that we will constantly improve wherever we can to become more sustainable and protect the environment around us.

Radnor Fizz is our biggest selling school drink brand

The tried and tested blends of real fruit juice & sparkling Welsh spring water are well-established and firm favourites for students across the UK.
Our two new Radnor Fizz flavours Strawberry (14419) and Orange & Mango (14420) are quickly establishing themselves as top flavours in the brand and are on trend for 2024. Our bottles are made up of 31% recycled plastic and are 100% recyclable including the label and cap. Help us further support a circular economy by recycling your bottle so we can give it another life. The Fizz brand is school compliant and meets UK school nutritional regulations. We offer two different formulations, one for England and one for Wales.

Perfect choice for – Secondary school sites, sixth form, HoReCa for children’s ranging and leisure sites.

Product shown in image: Radnor Fizz Tropical 98572

Our Radnor Fruits sparkling range combines real fruit juice and our sparking Welsh spring water to bring bold flavours to life.

With no added sugar or preservatives these bold cans are the perfect choice for students looking to try something different. Canned at source on our zero to landfill site these little rebels are infinitely recyclable.

There are four delicious flavours to chose from, Apple & Raspberry (10619), Cherry & Vanilla (10616), Lemon & Lime (10617) and Orange & Mango (10618).

These are the perfect choice for: Secondary school sites, sixth form, HoReCa for children’s ranging and leisure sites.

Product shown in image: Radnor Fruits Sparkling Cherry and Vanilla 10616

Our full Tetra Pak range spans across 3 brands from pure juice 125ml to juice & water combinations in 125ml or 200ml

Perfect for little hands our 125ml range is a great option for primary, moving up into 200ml for secondary and free school meal offerings.

Our unique peel top foil tab means there is no need for straws and extra packaging and can be enjoyed straight from the carton. The tetra Pak range is free from preservatives and contains fruit juice and our still spring water.

Perfect choice for – NHS for patient feeding, primary and secondary schools, travel catering, snack box catering or as a meal deal item for children’s lunches in leisure sites.

Product shown in image: Radnor Fruits Orange Juice 81632

Radnor Splash makes it super easy to stay hydrated

Completely sugar-free, it’s a blend of pure Radnor Hills spring water and all-natural fruity flavours. The brand sells over 3 units for every second of the day and is a much-loved favourite for a lot of our customers.

A healthy drink for all ages, Radnor Splash is available in six flavours. Still and sparkling options are available. This low-calorie option is perfect for further education and Sixth forms. It is not school-compliant due to the absence of the required fruit juice but is a great choice for independent schools, further education and for students with sugar free dietary requirements.

Perfect choice for – B&I blue and white collar, further education, secondary education sixth forms (however they are not school compliant) hospital catering and as a grab and go offering.

Product shown in image: Radnor Splash Apple and Raspberry 92981

We are thrilled to have renewed our close partnership with The Anti-Bullying Alliance for the third successive year to help make a significant impact on bullying in UK schools.

Martha Evans, Director of the Anti-Bullying Alliance, said: ‘’We’re delighted and proud to have been chosen as Radnor Fam’s Charity of the Year for a further year. Bullying has a significant impact on a child’s life that can last well into adulthood. “The funds raised by Radnor Fam and their support of Anti-Bullying Week will help us continue our much-needed work to reduce bullying.”
In addition, the partnership will involve a series of dynamic initiatives including targeted educational campaigns, interactive workshops, practical guidance to students, social campaigns and events specifically designed to engage schools during Anti-Bullying Week, which runs from November 13-17.

There will also be a competition with Radnor FAM providing some exclusive prizes for the Anti-Bullying Week School Staff Award, which recognises those people who go beyond the call of duty to support children with issues such as bullying, family life, relationships and health.

Product shown in image: Radnor Fizz Sour Cherry 74469

A selection of products from our range

* Radnor carried out a 52WK volume read across 3 of the largest contract caterers and took the average across this read, Radnor were the largest ‘School compliant’ brand by some way.

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