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Whether you’re tailoring your menu to a certain cuisine, or simply wanting to keep your menu fresh with new products, we have the right range for you.

The number of overall visitors in the eating out of home foodservice market has declined in 2018 as budget-conscious consumers go out for fewer meals. The market place is increasingly competitive! *MCA – Pubs 2018 report

The eating out market is soaring providing you with a host of opportunities to increase your visitor numbers. However, it is increasingly competitive out there so it’s essential that you understand the opportunities in your business as well as any potential challenges that might be on the horizon.

We have the industry knowledge and pride ourselves on continually keeping up to date with the latest trends and innovations to help you thrive. Not only do we have a fantastic range of food, drink, catering supplies and more, but we can help you choose the products that are right for your business and your customers.

Channel insights

To help you stay ahead of the curve and develop your offering, we want to share with you how the UK’s leading pub and restaurant groups are responding to the latest trends. We can support you with channel insights and market trends from our team of experts. These all aim to highlight new products and innovation that are on trend and meet the changing demands of your customers.

Trends to consider


Better me

Events such as the Olympics and even social media have been the driving force behind the healthy eating trend and this is predicted to grow stronger than any cuisine trend over the next few years. Be sure to offer healthier options to target these consumers.

Mintel Attitudes toward healthy Eating – UK – February 2018



Eating out has become very much the norm, dinning hours have blurred and as such breakfast and lunch have merged into brunch. Brunch is a huge trend taking over the 10am-12pm peckish period resulting in outlets making the most of this trade at the weekends.

Mintel 2018 – Mintel Pub Catering – UK – May 2018



Premium has become mainstream in the drinking out trade (gin, craft beer etc.) and quality seems to be replacing quantity. People are taking more of an interest in their beverages especially local crafts beers where consumers are willing to pay more for the authenticity.

Mintel Alcoholic Drinks Review – UK – February 2018

Our support tools


The demand for take away food from our favourite restaurants is increasing and inevitably fuelling a delivery boom that has ballooned to £6.1bn from £5.5bn in 2015. As a pub or restaurant wanting to tap into this market, it’s important to be informed when deciding on food packaging.  Customers are looking for food freshness, quality and consistency so packaging designs need to be fit for purpose.


Burgers are big business in the UK foodservice market. We see at least one burger option on almost all menus in restaurants on the high street and customers just can’t get enough of them. The Build a Burger guide has been designed so that you have all the ingredients you could possibly want in one place. Whether you want to create one burger option for your menu or a full menu of burgers, you can find everything you need here.

Afternoon Tea

The popularity of afternoon tea is on the rise and a day part that needn’t be forgotten. Our guide to afternoon tea reviews why it’s important and how it can boost your sales at a time of day that’s relatively quiet. Product suggestions and alternative menu ideas will help you stand out from the crowd.

Chef top tips

We offer a range of ideas, tips, added value, insight and recipes to help you build margins, reduce costs and create value in numerous ways.

The tips are split into 4 areas:



Menu design

Creating menus can be complex – you want to inspire your customers with options and differentiation whilst still creating a profitable menu.  We’re able to work with you to design an offer that works for you and utilises our products and ingredients across dishes not only lowing costs but creating value for the customer.

Pub dishes menu

A breakdown of the top starters, mains, sides, desserts, coffees and non-alcoholic beverages in UK pubs.

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What’s more, we have a range of brochures to help inspire your chefs…


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