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Our best ever taste

New PG Tips Original is expertly crafted by our Master Blenders using the finest and freshest tea leaves, plucked at altitude in tea gardens on the equator. Created for true lovers of tea, this is our most refreshing and flavourful taste yet.

Since 1930, we’ve brought a fresh perspective to tea. Today, we continue our founder Arthur Brooke’s progressive vision by continuing our commitment to people and planet.

  • All our black tea is Rainforest Alliance Certified
  • We use 100% renewable energy at our carbon neutral factory in Manchester
  • All our tea bags are plant-based and can be disposed of in your food waste bin* so they can biodegrade into compost and go back to nature


*Check local collection

Coming soon... New display merchandise

Show your customers you’re proud to serve PG Tips with our new Away From Home Tins.

Bring your tea offering to life

There’s one available for every variety in our range, including our fruit & herbal infusions.

Speak to your Bidfood sales representative for more details.

48475 PG Tips Tagged Tea Bags 100s

42594 PG Tips One Cup Tea Bags 1100s

08232 PG Tips Tagged & Enveloped Tea Bags 200s

10719 PG Tips Earl Grey 25 Envelopes

Black Tea With Bergamot Flavour

10741 PG Tips Raspberry 25 Envelopes

Fruit Infusion

46150 PG Tips Green Tea 25 Envelopes

Pure Green Tea

46162 PG Tips Peppermint 25 Envelopes

Herbal Infusion

46163 PG Tips Camomile 25 Envelopes

Herbal Infusion
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