Date posted: 02/01/2018

Modern European, Middle Eastern and Asian twists set to be the top food trends in 2018

The top food trends set to dominate the year ahead have been revealed in a new guide launched by Bidfood. The extensive ‘Food and Drink Trends 2018’ guide identifies the key overriding themes that are set to dominate menus. Driven by the rise of travel and mixing of cultures, Modern European, Middle Eastern and Asian twists are set to be the three biggest trends this year. The guide is available via from 2nd January and will provide catering professionals with inspiration on how to bring these trends to life via a host of recipe examples, tips and serving suggestions. Highlights from the guide include:
  • ‘Moreish MENA’: The desire to try new and authentic global foods is reflected in the growing interest for cuisine from the Middle East and North Africa. To tap into this movement, catering outlets are offering a mix of fresh traditional ingredients and spices, cleverly fused with well-known Western dishes.
  • ‘Modern Europe’: An increased movement towards all things European. Shoreline fish, quality meat and local produce reflect dietary choices from across Scandinavia and the Balkans, right through to the East and West of the Mediterranean. Bringing cooking back to its very basics by creating simplistic and fresh meals is a great way to meet this trend.
  • ‘Asian Appetites’: The demand for global cuisine has grown exponentially. Consumers are seeking out the traditional flavours associated with Asian food, including rich, bold and spicy dishes. To capitalise on this trend caterers are incorporating everything from Japanese ramen noodle soup to popular Korean barbecue dishes onto their menus.
Lucy Pedrick, Insights Manager at Bidfood, says: “Consumers today are being introduced to a variety of flavour and food combinations. As a result, they are becoming even more experimental and adventurous when dining out or cooking at home. “We’re already seeing brands rise to the challenge and offer on-trend bold concepts and products to delight customers and keep them coming back for more.” Bidfood’s 2018 trends have been identified using a range of resources including partnerships with The Food People, research from customers and consumer views from relevant food events.
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