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We are donuts. We are bakers. Donut Worry Be Happy is a Belgian donut brand and we are excited to partner with Bidfood to bring you a range of donuts that are packed with personality and bursting with flavour!

Spread the Joy & Happiness to Donut Lovers:

Unbeatable taste Our donuts are crafted using only the finest, all-natural ingredients to ensure every bite is a moment of pure joy!

Stand out from the crowd In a sea of ordinary snacks, our donuts shine bright with their vibrant personality and eye-catching appeal with premium toppings and fillings.

Customer satisfaction guaranteed We take pride in delivering top-quality donuts that leave a lasting impression.

Freshly Frozen to Save Waste Available in boxes of 48. One variant per box. Only thaw and serve the donuts you need for that day. Donuts are ready to consume after 60 minutes defrost in ambient storage.

Packed with Personality Whether you’re a bold adventurer craving the sweetness of Berry White’s strawberry and white chocolate glaze or a classic connoisseur savouring the timeless elegance of our rich Belgian chocolate coatings, we’ve got you covered!

Guidance for success:

Day part & coffee pairing use mid-morning to attract commuters with coffee & donut deals & the afternoon to draw in foot traffic with discounted or multi-buy combo’s

  • Themed packaging & eye-catching point-of-sale displays that add an extra sprinkle of fun
  • Suit your customers taste buds! Tailor your range to your customers flavour preferences


Speak to your Bidfood representative to access point-of-sale, packaging, posters and other marketing support.

Did you know, your consumers already love donuts!

  • 90% of sweet bakery consumers want donuts
  • Donuts are loved by adults and children but mostly adults!
  • 75% of donut purchases are unplanned. So what are you waiting for!?

Queen V Donut 13884

She's as sassy as she is sweet. This royal is ruler of all things vanilla thanks to her soft vanilla custard cream, a blanket of dark choco glaze and yellow stripes for extra fancy looks.

The Belgiyummy 13886

Huuuge donut. Teeny-tiny country! A luxuriously dark delight, proud of its white chocolate flakes, indulgent choco chunks and authentic Belgian chocolate glazing. It’s even filled with REAL BELGIAN CHOCOLATE! Anyone got a map?

Donut Berry White 13883

The first, not your last, your everything. Enjoy the taste of Belgian white chocolate and real strawberries inside and out.

Goldenfry 13889

A plain fluffy doughnut lightly dusted in a sugar coating.

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