Date posted: 07/10/2019

Introducing Simply Food Solutions

The extensive range of quality food solutions made in the UK with care

Simply Food Solutions is Bidfood’s new extensive range of quality food solutions for all sectors, from healthcare to pubs and restaurants. From delicious individually plated meals ready for an a-la-carte menu, to pre-prepared meals that are texture modified to support those with dysphagia, Simply Food Solutions offers the right choice. The launch comes off the back of Bidfood’s acquisition of The Punjab Kitchen in January 2019. Now rebranded as Simply Food Solutions, with several sub-brands offering meal solutions across a wide range of cuisines, including both Halal and Kosher options. The new brand offers customers consistently high standard products on all of the crucial aspects of product performance that are important to diners: taste, appearance, nutritional value and specific dietary requirements such as allergens and dysphagia. Speaking about the launch, Andrew Selley, Bidfood CEO said: ‘We are delighted to have introduced the Simply Food Solutions brand as part of the Bidfood portfolio, particularly the Simply Puree range specifically designed to support our customers with a wide range of texture modified meals, to make it easier to serve patients living with dysphagia.’ Simply Puree was the first of the Simply Food Solutions family to be introduced back in April 2019, and is a range of nutritionally balanced texture modified meals catering for people with dysphagia. The range is compliant with the IDDSI (International Dysphagia Diet Standardisation Initiative) framework, which provides a common terminology to describe food textures and drink thickness. Dishes in the range have a consistent nutritional content, which allows calorie and nutrition to be tracked easily, giving peace of mind to patients and care providers alike. Already shortlisted for two Caterer Product Excellence Awards, Simply Puree offers home-cooked standard tasty meals packed with flavour and appropriate for all day-parts – all pre-prepared and ready to plate! Launching this month is Simply Puree Junior, a range of texture modified paediatric meals perfectly made for children. Following closely behind will be the launches of Simply A-La-Carte, Simply Healthcare, Simply Worldfoods and The Punjab Kitchen to the Simply Food Solutions family.
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