Date posted: 11/01/2023

Dirty hot dog

  • Serves 10
  • Timing: 15 mins
Votes: 2 Average: 3.5


Coriander 20g
Jumbo hot dog buns 10
Smoked bockwurst sausages 10
Mayonnaise 150ml
Dijon mustard 75g
Korean BBQ sauce 150ml
Crispy fried onion 175g
Black sesame seeds 20g


  1. Put the hotdog in water and heat.
  2. Brush half of the Korean BBQ sauce over the sausage and glaze under the grill or on a chargrill before placing in a bun.
  3. Zigzag the sauces over the top, sprinkle with crispy onions and black sesame seeds. Top with coriander.
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