Date posted: 20/10/2022

Brazilian burger

  • Serves 10
  • Timing: 25 mins
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Farmstead bistro burger 10
Farmstead pork & chorizo burger 10
Nacho cheese sauce 400ml
Waffle fries 600g
Everyday Favourites large fresh eggs 10
Brioche burger bun 10
Sliced chorizo 200g
Wafer thin smoked ham 150g
Little gem lettuce 5
Beef tomatoes 5


  1. Cook the burgers and keep warm
  2. Heat the nacho sauce and keep warm
  3. Cook the waffles as per pack instructions and keep warm
  4. Fry the egg and keep warm
  5. Toast the bun and layer all the ingredients as you wish.
  6. Finish with pouring the nacho sauce over the burger and enjoy!
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