Social Trends 2022

As lifestyles continue to change and we enter into a ‘new normal’, we were keen to unlock the key social trends that are set to shape consumer choices in 2022 and beyond…

Kind and caring

This trend is all about that good old saying… it pays to be kind

The growing trend of consumers supporting local businesses and communities, driven by the pandemic, has been well-documented. But as consumers are increasingly aware of supporting others, they expect businesses to be doing the same too.

In fact, 44% of people n ow make decisions about where to eat out based on ethical considerations.

1 in 5 people would be inclined to choose one venue over the other if it supported the community in some way, and the same proportion would be encouraged to choose a venue if it placed great importance on the wellbeing of its staff.*

Experience matters

Experience-led venues are on the rise

In fact, it’s the only type of venue that has increased in popularity for ‘big nights out’ since before the pandemic. However, even in food-led venues, consumers are expecting an experience they can’t get at home, or something different that’s worth parting with their cash for.

44% would be likely to spend more on a dining experience if it was unique. Whether it’s an immersive experience with instagrammable décor, a competitive socialising venue or some live entertainment thrown into the mix, consumers are looking for something different that’s worth parting with their cash for.**


Third space and a changing pace

New ways of living and working mean that the role that time, space and location play in our lives has been shaken up

For many people, the days of structured routines are foregone, as digital innovation means we’re no longer as limited by geographical or time constraints, and flexible working patterns are on the rise.

What does this mean for people’s eating habits? This new found freedom is likely to drive demand for all-day menus, brunch occasions and more snack-type meals. Plus, hybrid working patterns are accelerating the need for multi-use ‘third space’ venues – where consumers can mix work, leisure, food and drink from one place.*

Going digital

As we continue to rely on technology, our lives are becoming more virtual than ever…

National lockdowns have undoubtedly accelerated demand for takeaway and delivery, but the trend still continues. A huge 93% now order food deliveries as often, or more often, than they did before the pandemic. And 45% people say they’re now likely to order from a dark kitchen – which the majority hadn’t even heard of 12 months ago.

People are ordering, paying and even socialising digitally. And the upselling and cost-saving opportunities for operators mean they’re probably here to stay. 53% of people are even happy using online menus in premium or expensive venues. However, there are 2 in 5 who feel they shouldn’t have to order through technology in a premium venue. So it’s crucial that a human element and personalised, quality service isn’t forgotten.*

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*Bespoke consumer survey, Bidfood & CGA by Nielsen IQ, 1,502 UK consumers, October 2021

**Research by ePOS Hybrid, Bdaily UK, July 2021

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