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At Dr. Oetker Professional, we provide quality foodservice solutions without compromise. We’re constantly working on your behalf to create delicious products that can boost your menu cut through and blow your competition out the water.

Why We’re Occasion Makers

We’re on a mission to make every guest experience truly memorable, whether that’s a school lunch where a hot meal is the highlight, or a celebratory meal with friends and family, we believe Dr. Oetker Professional can help make every moment an occasion.

Moments Made With Inclusions

Take your desserts to the next level and create a spectacle. Bake stable and ready to be sprinkled, our Inclusions range combines showmanship and taste for an easy add-on that will get people talking and drive your incremental spend.

Our Rainbow Chocolate Chips Mix and Billionaires Chocolate Chips Mix feature a multi-texture, colour and flavour combination for the ultimate finishing touches to your desserts.

Real Chocolate For Real Desserts

Made with real cocoa solids, the Dr. Oetker Professional Real Chocolate Chips range is perfect for all catering needs and uses. Suitable as an inclusion in your bakes for the perfect finish or easily melted to drizzle over your dessert.

Dr. Oetker Professional Milk Chocolate Chips

Bidfood code: 12229

Dr. Oetker Professional White Chocolate Chips

Bidfood code: 12231

Dr Oetker Rainbow Chocolate Chips Toppings

Bidfood code: 15923

Dr Oetker Billionaires Chocolate Chips Toppings

Bidfood code: 15924
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