by Mahesh Patel

Working in partnership with our suppliers – by Mahesh Patel, Director of Buying

Working in partnership with our suppliers – by Mahesh Patel, Director of Buying

At Bidfood, we are keen to work collaboratively with our suppliers to help them provide us with price-competitive products and services that improve service excellence not only in our business but more importantly for our customers.

We are working to ensure our supply chain is:

  • Robust and diverse, providing a source of innovation and menu solution opportunities for all
  • Ethical, sustainable and the most cost effective
  • Offering great choice via best of both: branded and own brand ranges


In the rapidly evolving business landscape it is crucial that our supplier relationship are maintained, nurtured and flourish for both parties to creating a service platform that makes life easy for our customers.

So how does one measure the success of such relationships? Well, we just ask!

The Advantage Group is an independent research company specialising in benchmarking surveys which measure the quality of business relationships between wholesalers, retailers and their suppliers. They measure how companies like Bidfood work and are perceived in terms of relationships and business practices with over 30 of our leading suppliers and manufacturers from the food and drink industry.

The 2018 Foodservice Wholesaler Report, published in May, shows Bidfood was rated the No.1 Foodservice Wholesaler amongst the selected suppliers:

No 1 : Taking a strategic approach

No 1 : Effective marketing programme

No 1 : Creating a sustainable climate of trust & cooperation

No 1 : Building range assortments based on customer needs

No 1: Executes promotional and marketing plans in accordance with commitments

No 1 : Using an effective category management approach

No 1 : For sharing information

No 1 : Own brand capability

No 1 : Efficient and effective supply chain

             Supplier comment….

“We find working with Bidfood very positive, we have seen a big step change within their business and now they are like a different company to deal with.  As a manufacturer sometimes there are problems and we have to overcome those problems.  Instead of it being quite a closed door with Bidfood there are discussions and we agree a way forward, whatever the issue. That builds confidence that we are both working to the same end goal.”

We believe that the traits and behaviours that our suppliers rate so highly around our working practices are reflective of the way all Bidfood teams behave and work in delivering service excellence to all our valued customers, building partnerships for the long term for suppliers, customers and us.

If you want to find out more about becoming a supplier to us, please click here.

To find out more about Advantage Group research please see their website at or call 01458 841 836

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