by Michaela Bateman

Setting the scene with Christmas crackers

Setting the scene with Christmas crackers
The nights are getting darker and autumn is here, so now is the time to look forward to the twinkling lights and Christmas festivities! We predict that this year Christmas will be bigger and better than ever making up for lost time.

We conducted some consumer research and 75% of people intend to go out for food or drinks either as often or more often than they did in previous years before the pandemic. In addition, over 6 in 10 people said they want this Christmas to feel extra special.

So, how can you help make Christmas feel extra special?


Think about your décor

Atmosphere has a big impact on where people choose to eat during the festivities and Christmas is a time when you can really go to town with decorations, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Christmas crackers have always taken centre stage, giving the table setting that extra sparkle but also providing entertainment for the evening with gifts, jokes and hats. So, now is the time to choose the cracker that complements your décor.

Crackers in traditional colours, such as red and green, are always a great choice. With patterns such as holly, Christmas trees and snowflakes, they are bound to invoke the Christmas spirit in your customers.

40503 10″ Standard Red & Gold Traditional Holly Crackers

40523 12″ Premium Red & Cream Tree Crackers


If you don’t want to go down a traditional route with your décor, you can create a more contemporary atmosphere with crackers that are white and silver with metallic or textured finishes.

42932 12″ Premium Blue & Silver Script Crackers

43786 14″ Deluxe Silver Pinecone Crackers


Keep sustainability in mind

We know that sustainability is important to your customers, which is why our whole Tom Smith cracker range contains no single use plastic. All glitter has also been removed and replaced with either high shine or embossed patterns to improve recyclability.

The Tom Smith kraft crackers have a great story; not only are they made from recycled board but they are also recyclable. Also if you want to give back this Christmas then choose one of the three crackers in this range as £2 from each case sold is donated to the Trussel Trust Charity who’s aim is to end hunger and destitution in the UK.

40536 11″ Kraft Xmas Trees

40537 12″ Kraft Robin Crackers

40540 14″ Kraft Winter Bless Charity Crackers


For the full cracker range take a look at the All you want for Christmas – Catering Supplies Guide



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