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Our top 5 Platinum Jubilee recipes

Our top 5 Platinum Jubilee recipes
The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee is a chance for everyone to get together and celebrate this truly historical moment.

Within this post, we have put just five of our Jubilee inspired recipes for the care sector in the spot light! All with the hopes of encouraging joyful meal times for your residents.



Jubilee dishes


About the Jubilee

In order for us all to celebrate Queen Elizabeth II magnificent 70 year reign properly, there will be a four day UK bank holiday weekend from Thursday the 2nd to Sunday the 5th of June. There will even be over 500 horses and 1000 performers taking part in the parade celebrations in London.

However, as we can’t all get to the heart of the celebrations in London, we have created some ideas to help bring the party to your residents – to make them feel part of the celebrations.

This Jubilee weekend presents a great opportunity to allow your residents to enjoy an outdoor (or indoor) tea party filled with a diverse selection of dishes, fun activities, socialising and even a chance to decorate areas within your home, Jubilee style! To help add a fun, engaging and different atmosphere we have also created a free printable activity pack – check it out here.


Inspiration behind our dishes

When discussing the inspiration behind the specially crafted menu, Wayne really wanted to portray a “retro and old school” array of savoury and sweets fit for the ultimate high tea.

Retro flavours and ingredients have also been combined to elevate classic recipes to give an unexpected tasting delight for your residents. The British high tea vision with a retro twist is a chance to really celebrate different foods to mirror the colourful decades since The Queen’s coronation, all the way back in 1953!

From Spam Katsu Curry to a Queens Chocolate Biscuit Cake, there is recipe inspiration for all your residents to enjoy. We have to say, some of these recipes are some real show stoppers!

To enjoy the high tea theme, the recipes have been designed to be an easy serve style and to all compliment each other for a fabulous spread.

All of the recipes have been carefully thought out to ensure we are not only catering specifically for resident’s needs, but also so they can enjoy new dishes to help create a fun, new and interesting meal times.

The meal ideas have also been tailored to ensure we are offering a great variety of foods (both in portion and flavour) as well as bringing a tea party spread fit for Royalty to really make this a memorable weekend.

We have selected 5 recipes from our Jubilee recipe inspiration guide that are guaranteed to add a Royal experience to your residents dining.


Top 5 dishes

1. Coronation chicken sandwiches


coronation chicken recipe


Originally inspired from George V’s silver jubilee in 1935, coronation chicken soon became a Nation’s favourite.

Paying homage to history with a modern twist, this classic recipe arrives on an open sandwich style.


2. Spam katsu sando


Spam katsu Jubilee recipe


A unique twist on an old school favourite – this spam meal offers both a combination of modern tastes with a real sense of nostalgia for your residents. Served as a grab and go style dish, this will make the perfect addition to your party spread.


3. Lemon, raspberry scone with lemon curd cream


lemon scone Jubilee recipe


We couldn’t have five recipes in the spotlight without having some of Britain’s famed treats: scones. Whether your residents pronounce it ‘Scone’ or ‘Scon’, we can all agree this lemon and poppy seed recipe adds a unique twist on a classic.


4. Queen’s chocolate biscuit cake


Queen's chocolate biscuit cake


The show stopper! Wow your residents with this Queen’s chocolate biscuit cake. Styled with white chocolate drizzle, this cake will not only give you a great centre piece but it will also cater for those with a sweet tooth.

Fun fact, this is also the Queen’s favourite sweet treat!


5. Fig parkin & gingerbread


fig parkin and gingerbread recipe


Drawing inspiration from the 40’s, this fig parkin & gingerbread beautifully pays homage to some fun, favourite flavours. The loaf also provides a sense of wholesomeness & is a slice of heaven alongside an afternoon cup of tea.


To view more Jubilee inspired recipes and further information catered specifically for the Care Sector, click here. Also, be sure to check out our free printable activity pack

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