by Vicky Tripp

5 products perfect for catering for kids over Christmas

5 products perfect for catering for kids over Christmas
Kids absolutely LOVE Christmas, it’s one of the most magical times of year for them and families as a whole. But eating out with children can sometimes be tricky (to say the least) for parents if the kids are not properly entertained, having an off day or simply don’t fancy what’s on the menu. Can you tell, I’m talking from experience!?

So if you are a business that is expecting lots of families to walk through your doors this December, here are our top 5 products to help you keep those little ones entertained and certain to love the food that turns up on their plate.


1. Kid friendly crackers




A staple for any family Christmas meal out. Our non-snap kids crackers are perfect for little ones that want to get involved in the tradition of crackers. They come with stickers inside, so make sure you’ve got spare paper or activity paper to use if you don’t want to be peeling stickers off your tables!


2. Pigs in blankets




Pigs in blankets are probably the most sort after food on a Christmas menu in our house. They are loved by all, children and adults and they are the perfect product for converting traditional kids menus into festive menus. Use them to add to your kid’s burger, or change your sausage and mash to pigs in blankets and mash or chips to make the menu feel a bit different for Christmas.


3. Everyday Favourites baby carrots




These carrots are always a winner with children, nice and simple and lots of kids love carrots. But there are so many options with veg, make sure you offer a range of vegetables to go with meals. Some kids may even want some sprouts, so consider if you can duplicate the adult sides and provide them for kids as well, especially for those older kids that may want something slightly fancier than a simple side of peas.

53% of kids also said that they would like their veg in a bowl on the side.* Consider how you’ve written your festive menus, could you offer a choice of sides rather than a set side dish?


4. Cooldelight chocolate coated Christmas tree ice cream




Festive and fun, sure to be a winner with the kids. Basically a Christmas choc ice in an 80ml serving.


5. Individually wrapped gingerbread Christmas tree




This on-the-go gingerbread biscuit is great for businesses that have till point confectionary displays. They are super festive and eye-catching, perfect for kids that enjoy a little festive treat.


So there were our 5 top products for catering for kids this festive season. Make sure you check out our full range of festive food here on our Christmas pages. I hope you have a successful December and festive season and a lovely New Year.

* Bidfood & 3Gem, bespoke consumer survey, 1,000 UK parents of children aged 4-13, October 2022

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