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Creating moments of delight

At Baker & Baker we create moments of delight with our irresistible sweet bakery treats. Discover our range of delicious bake off and thaw-serve sweet bakery developed for your convenience. Choose from a mouth-watering selection of doughnuts, shortbread, flapjack and brownie to create a fresh sweet bakery range with the minimum fuss.

Freshly baked range in minutes!

Complement your range with our bake from frozen scrumptious chocolate shortbread and fabulous fruity or chocolate flapjacks. Perfect for any outlet with bake off facilities including; coffee shop, food to go, higher education, travel & leisure.

Why Bake-Off Shortbread & Flapjack?

  • Just like frozen cookie pucks, simply bake from frozen
  • Quick & easy to meet changing demands throughout the day
  • Bake only what you require so minimal risk of wastage
  • Freshly baked appeal in minutes

Simply Thaw & Serve!

These premium filled doughnuts, with their contrasting toppings, make an eye-catching fixture. They require minimal fuss, simply thaw & serve. Ideal for ensuring your fixture is always full for your customers.

Fudge Brownie Bliss!

For simple brownie treats or indulgent decorated brownies our Baker & Baker Fudge Brownie sheet cake is the perfect choice. Simply defrost, cut to size and serve or decorate to create unique cakes.

Flexible for all occasions and skill levels:

  • Portion to any size
  • Serve as a simple brownie with a drink
  • Top to create unique indulgent cakes
  • Use a cutter to create seasonal shaped decorated brownies
  • Serve hot or cold as a dessert with cream or custard

B&B Fruit Flapjack 80g

Bidfood code: 27724

B&B Chocolate Flapjack 80g

Bidfood code: 27722

B&B Triple Chocolate Shortbread 70g

Bidfood code: 04028

B&B Filly Cocoa Creme Doughnut

Bidfood code: 72895

B&B Filly Vanille Doughnut

Bidfood code: 72892

B&B Fudge Brownie

Bidfood code: 02401
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