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Welcome to a whole wide world of plant-based deliciousness that's great for coffee

Almond, Soya, Oat and Coconut. A delicious range to match every mood, occasion, or desire. Specially created to deliver the perfect coffee shop experience, brilliant performance and fabulous foam, every single time.

Up to 35% of coffee lovers now prefer Plant- Based options when ordering their coffee away from home¹

Plant- Based drinkers also spend over 23% more per trip compared to dairy shoppers¹

Alpro was born plant-based, way back in 1980, and we’ve been banging that big, plant-based drum ever since.

Our mission is the same now as it was then, to make delicious products and help people make positive choices when it comes to food. We’re proud to have been a certified B Corp company since 2018, making us part of a global movement that believes businesses can be a force for good in society, and should do things in a caring, sustainable way that has a positive impact on people and planet.

Whether you’re an oat fanatic or a soya enthusiast, our Alpro products have lighter footprints for both carbon and land use when compared to dairy equivalents².

Alpro Barista Soya

Bidfood code: 73021

Alpro Barista Coconut

Bidfood code: 37699

Alpro Barista Almond

Bidfood code: 43077

Alpro Barista Oat

Bidfood code: 36849

Alpro Oat No Sugars

Bidfood code: 48343

Alpro Almond No Sugars

Bidfood code: 36848

Alpro Soya No Sugars

Bidfood code: 60221

¹ Lumina data 12 w/e to 1st Oct 2023

² Several ingredients have different impacts on carbon and land use. Impact on carbon : 19-26% compared to milk. Impact on land use: between 28-54% compared to milk. This is based on a peer-reviewed comparative life cycle assessment conducted by Quantis in 2022 of Alpro Original drinks (1 l) compared to milk in Europe.

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