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Did you know?

34% of 7-15 year olds eat snacks in the afternoon at school.

Whilst a new focus on healthy eating is leading to healthier snacking products over performing!

*Mintel Consumer Snacking UK Nov 2019

The perfect storm…..

This has caused the better for you category to explode as half of the UK say health is an important factor in their choice of snacks.

Branded better for you crisps and snacks are growing 3 x faster than other savoury crisps and snacks over the last 10 years.

*Source: AC Nielsen 08.2019, 2017-2019 RSV

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Walkers Baked salt & vinegar

Bidfood code: 03643

Walkers Baked cheese & onion

Bidfood code: 03644

Walkers Baked sea salt

Bidfood code: 03645

Sunbites sun ripened sweet chilli

Bidfood code: 31196

Sunbites sour cream & cracked black pepper

Bidfood code: 87929

Snack a Jacks sour cream & chive

Bidfood code: 77707

Snack a Jacks sweet chilli

Bidfood code: 77708

Snack a Jacks salt & vinegar

Bidfood code: 78302

Sunbites is the #1 wholegrain snack brand and is made using 100% renewable energy

Oven Baked is the #1 brand in the whole better for you category

Nielsen, RSV WE 17.07.2021

Snack a Jacks is the #1 rice cake brand and features less than 100 calories per pack!

Nielsen, RSV WE 15.08.2021

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