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A lot of consumers tend to go for three courses over the festive period and starters are generally the first experience a customer will have of your festive menu, so we’ve got to make sure there is plenty of choice for you and your customers.

We still have some classics in the range including the ever popular Little & Cull terrines and Everyday Favourites pâté, perfect served with a garnish of salad and bread.

Little & Cull smoked chicken & herb terrine – British
Everyday Favourites chicken liver cognac pâté
Premium Selection continental bread selection

We also have a fantastic range of fish starters which are often a popular option for consumers as they may want to mix up their proteins during their meal. It is also important for any pescatarian customers that you may be catering for.

NEW Whitby bubble bobble jumbo red shrimp
NEW Whitby Bengali spiced king prawns
NEW whole cooked crevettes

Offering vegetarian and vegan options is also important and we’ve got some great vegetarian cheese-based products, a new spicy battered cauliflower (click here for a delicious cauli-wing recipe using this product) and some vegan friendly options.

NEW KK Fine Foods goats cheese soufflé – vegetarian
Premium Selection emmental cheese soufflé with beetroot chutney – vegetarian
NEW spicy battered buffalo cauliflower – vegetarian

Why not create a bit of a vegan platter as a starting option with some of these fantastic vegan-friendly products?

Biff’s Kitchen jackfruit wings – vegan
Everyday Favourites pea & mint falafel balls – vegan
Ramona’s Kitchen houmous – vegan
Casa De Mare pitted green olives – vegan
Premium Selection smoked almonds – vegan

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