The universal appeal of pizza

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The universal appeal of pizza

Pizza continues to stake its claim as a truly global dish and now represents nearly 5% of global consumer foodservice sales. With simple ingredients, simple preparation and cooking methods, pizza adapts itself brilliantly to regional and local cuisines and taste profiles. The pizza market is worth $128bn and every single region, including mature markets like Europe, are set for growth through to the end of the decade. In Britain, pizza is now the most popular food purchased in restaurants, and it is growing across day parts and across channels.

The UK pizza market is worth around £5bn and it’s expected to reach a value of £5.8bn by 2023. Consumers are feasting on pizza of varieties, shapes and sizes with no sign of our pizza obsession abating. Restaurant chains and chefs are constantly looking into innovative ways to serve a dish that is internationally loved.


Your perfect pizza mozzarella

At Arla we know that creating the perfect pizza is no easy task, but with our range of mozzarella you can get one step closer.

From dough to plate every pizza is unique, and every stage affects the final product. Whether you’re a high-speed superstar or an artisanal expert, choosing the perfect mozzarella starts with understanding the oven you cook it in.


Traditional oven

Used for thousands of years, traditional or brick ovens consist of a heated baking chamber with a fire-proof stone/brick/clay base to cook the pizza on. Unlike other ovens, traditional ovens work by absorbing the heat in the base/walls of the chamber and cooking food on contact.

Generally, these ovens cook at extremely high temperatures to produce a crispy base, which means you need a cheese which melts slowly to prevent burning and allow the base to fully cook.

You are our: Artisanal Experts

Artisanal Experts value the authenticity and quality of their pizza:

✓ We work with traditional or brick ovens

✓ We value authenticity and quality

✓ We want to stay relevant and differentiate in an increasingly crowded market

✓ We are highly skilled BOH


Deck oven

Deck pizza ovens offer the same flexibility as brick ovens in their style and are slightly easier to use, but they still require a lot of skill and constant monitoring, so they tend to have a longer cooking time than conveyors.

As speed of service isn’t always a priority with this oven, a cheese with a slightly slower melt compared to conveyor ovens will work best – but it depends on your style!

Everyday Heroes work with deck ovens to produce high quality, consistent pizza in limited space or where higher output is needed:

✓ We work with deck ovens

✓ We value high-quality pizza with fresh ingredients

✓ Maintaining consistency during busy periods is important to us

✓ We have a mixed skillset BOH

Conveyor oven

Often called a tunnel or continuous oven, conveyor ovens work by continuously churning out pizzas on a conveyor belt as fast as you can make them. The oven does the work for you, making these perfect for quick and easy service.

As conveyor ovens cook pizzas so quickly but generally at lower temperatures than traditional ovens, a cheese which melts quickly is ideal.

You are our: High-Speed Superstars and Delivery Professionals

High-Speed Superstars use conveyor ovens as they cook pizza quickly with minimal monitoring required:

✓ We work with conveyor ovens

✓ We want to cook pizza quickly without sacrificing on quality

✓ We want a cheese which is consistent and easy to use

Delivery Professionals also value quick service with minimal skills, but delivery is the core of their business:

✓ We work with conveyor ovens

✓ We want our pizza to stay looking oven-fresh as it travels for delivery

✓ We want a cheese which is consistent and easy to use

Who’s got style?

Finding the perfect pizza cheese starts with your oven, but it hinges on the type of pizza you’re making. Authentic styles work better with low coverage cheese to produce an authentic appearance, while high-speed superstars need a cheese with high coverage for speed and ease of service. Our handy guide below will help you choose which product is best for you:

Large dice mozzarella 2kg (77355)

A thicker cut size of mozzarella gives a slower melt, allowing the pizza base to be fully cooked before the cheese begins to burn

Key benefits:
✓ Once cooked it resembles softer mozzarella formats like buffalo, burrata and fior di latte
✓ Low moisture content allows the pizza to be cooked more evenly, giving a crispy base and a golden crust
✓ A 10cm x 10cm cut size makes it the perfect solution for operators using super-hot oven types

Large shredded mozzarella 2kg (77360)

A good all-round choice for chefs with a thick cut size ensures an even coverage and melt

Key benefits:
✓ Perfect for delivery, retaining opacity as it’s transported from kitchen to consumer
✓ A thicker 4x4x20mm cut size means more stretch on the cheese once cooked
✓ Retention of colour/opacity means you don’t need to overload with cheese to achieve the desired result on delivery

Block mozzarella 2kg (60210)

Perfect for pizza purists, a versatile product that can be used across the menu, ideal for customisation to create a bespoke blend/shape and authentic looking pizza.

Key benefits:
✓ Perfect for creating an irregular cut to replicate softer mozzarella
✓ Can be mixed with local/artisanal cheese to create an individual blend
✓ Shape and size works with industrial graters or can be grated by hand

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