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Jumping into 2018 with Tasty Little Numbers!

As we emerge from the festive haze of Christmas and New Year’s celebrations, it’s time to look ahead to the upcoming year, and the ways in which we can support and cater to the calorie-controlled lifestyle choices of customers, whether it’s a short-lived resolution or a full lifestyle overhaul.


But maintaining a calorie-controlled lifestyle doesn’t have to mean cutting out all the foods you love! Simply cutting down and controlling portions can be a fantastic way to keep your eating on track, whilst also catering to those who want a tasty treat or a chocolate fix!


Tasty Little Numbers is the portion control brand designed to “take the messin’ outta guessin'”! With over 25 snacks, chocolate bars, candy bars and all-natural meals, all portioned to whole numbers of calories, you can provide portion-controlled options throughout your menu without getting rid of the treats your customers know and love!

A little bit of what you fancy with our 100 calorie snacking!

When it comes to snacking, we know that your customers can have a range of tastes. With Tasty Little Numbers 100 calorie snack bags you can choose from 9 different sweet or savoury flavours, each portioned to 100 calories and a perfect grab-and-go option. Each comes in its own retail-ready packaging, with bright and eye-catching colours, perfect for counter-top sales, or if you’re short on space take a look at the POS options available below!

Featured products:

  • 100 calorie fruit cocktail jelly beans 36 x 26g (70901)
  • 100 calorie chocolate-coated coffee beans 36 x 19g (70891)
  • 100 calorie pretzel mix-up 36 x 23g (70946)
  • 100 calorie yoghurt raisins 36 x 22g (70911)
  • 100 calorie wasabi peanuts 36 x 22g (70962)
  • 100 calorie Bombay mix 36 x 19g (70964)
  • 100 calorie chocolate-coated peanuts 36 x 18g (70902)
  • 100 calorie hot’n’sweet chilli crackers 36 x 17g (70938)
  • 100 calorie toasted corn kernels 36 x 24g (70952)

Boost your gluten free snack offering!

As more and more customers are looking to cut down on gluten or remove it from their diets altogether, it’s important to have options that cater to these growing needs. Tasty Little Numbers 100 calorie chocolate biscuit bars are back in stock, with an even bigger emphasis on being naturally gluten free and suitable for coeliacs!

100 calorie chocolate biscuit bars

With a delicious Belgian chocolate coating and crispy crunchy biscuit wafer filling, Tasty Little Numbers 100 calorie chocolate biscuit bars are the perfect chocolatey treat without the calories and sugar of your average candy bar. In fact, with just 2 teaspoons of added sugar per bar, they are the perfect addition to any calorie-controlled focus for 2018 and beyond!

100 calorie gluten free white chocolate biscuit bar 20 x 20g (70733)

100 calorie gluten free milk chocolate biscuit bar 20 x 20g (70728)

100 calorie gluten free dark chocolate biscuit bar 20 x 20g (70732)

100 calorie chocolate candy bars

For a real sweet treat option, try one of the Tasty Little Numbers 100 calorie candy bars, packed with chocolate, and either crunchy crispies or a delicious choco nougat filling! With everything portioned at 100 calories you can offer a taste to satisfy any sweet tooth, without going overboard on the fat and sugar.


100 calorie chocolate candy bars

100 calorie chewy and gooey whipped milk choco nougat candy bar 48 x 23g (70736)
100 calorie light and wispy milk choco crispy candy bar 48 x 24g (70746)


200 calorie gluten free ready meals made from all-natural ingredients!

Portion control isn’t just for snacking enthusiasts, and Tasty Little Numbers has worked hard to bring you a range that supports a full and calorie-controlled lifestyle. These all new 200 calorie ready meals are chef-prepared from all-natural ingredients, and are all naturally gluten free and suitable for coeliacs!


The meals come in a range of 6 different recipes, with meat, veggie and vegan options, all packed to the brim with flavour. Perfect for out-of-hours staff food, or as an easy and efficient daytime meal, they can help give your chefs more time in the kitchen whilst cutting right down on waste.


Tasty Little Numbers meals are all suitable for ambient storage, so no costly fridge space is required, and they can be simply and quickly heated in a microwave when required. With no artificial flavours or additives, they’re the perfect addition to any busy kitchen whatever the season.

200 calorie beef chilli con carne 5 x 200g (36130)

200 calorie chicken tikka masala 5 x 200g (36128)

200 calorie mushroom stroganoff 5 x 175g (36131)

200 calorie three bean chilli 'non' carne 5 x 275g (36133)

200 calorie beef sausage and beans 5 x 200g (36121)

200 calorie spiced vegetable and coconut korma 5 x 270g (36132)


Point of sale

Effective point of sale can be a tricky thing to master, with promotions, menus, ad space and packaging all fighting for customers’ attention. With this in mind, Tasty Little Numbers offers you a range of easy and effective options for whatever space you’re working with.


Snack bags, chocolate bars and candy bars all come in retail-ready display packaging, enabling you to simply open them up, place on a counter top and they’re ready to go. This can be a fantastic way to promote your new ranges right to customers themselves, and the eye-catching packaging means they certainly wont go unnoticed!


For those with less counter space, Tasty Little Numbers also offer a free pick’n’mix display stand, with a 14 case 100 calorie snack bundle. Take a look below, or email hello@tastylittlenumbers.com for more information.

Featured products:

  • Tasty Little Numbers pick’n’mix display stand
  • 14 case Tasty Little Numbers 100 calorie snack bundle

Disclaimer: The information contained on this page has been provided directly by Tasty Little Numbers and is in no way related to Bidfood UK.

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