Vegan and plant-based

Bidfood’s approach

Bidfood offer an ever-growing range of over 3,000 Vegan friendly products. Bidfood’s own brand vegan products follow the Food Standards Agency guidance on vegan foods:

  • suppliers must demonstrate that it has not been contaminated with non-vegan ingredients from end to end supply chain
  • own brand products must not carry any ‘may contain’ allergen labelling of animal products or their derivatives
  • this does not mean products are free from.

Allergen product information

To inspire you with a range of exciting vegan food products, drinks and recipes, as well as lots of useful information about vegan diets, look no further than our Vegan Food and Drink brochure.

We also provide our customers with reports of products that are suitable for vegans, as well as reports featuring products which are suitable for vegetarians through our Advice Centre at or on 0370 3663 000.

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