Sustainability and our suppliers

Bidfood’s approach

Recognising that we all need to work together to address the pressing and complex sustainability issues we face across the industry, one of our key goals is to work in partnership with other organisations to support the achievement of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

Whether we’re talking about reducing packaging, moving to more sustainable forms of palm oil, tackling modern day slavery, animal welfare, marine stewardship, or improving health and wellbeing, responsible sourcing is crucial.  To achieve real progress we need to work very closely with our suppliers, which is why we like to work with companies which are socially and environmentally responsible.

Our suppliers

We’ve asked some of our British suppliers to share their credentials and explain their approach, aims and achievements on sustainability for the benefit of our customers.

Feel Good Drinks

Feel Good Drinks produce a sustainable purpose-led range of 100% natural flavoured sparkling waters have been created using no artificial flavours, added sugar or sweeteners and contain 15% real fruit juice.

The brand is working to be carbon net zero by 2030 by tackling its carbon footprint through a 16 point reduction plan aligned to SBTIs.  Ahead of this goal, the brand has become climate positive offsetting more than double its carbon footprint in 2020; or 410 tons, through environmental projects.

Feel Good has a mission to ‘make the world feel better one sip at a time’ and through the ‘3% for People and Planet Fund’ the brand donates 3% of gross to initiatives that support people and planetary wellbeing.

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Based out of Grimsby, Young’s is the UK’s largest seafood processor. With a global portfolio of species they ensure high quality, responsibly sourced seafood through a number of GGSI benchmarked certification schemes and where certification is not currently possible, are helping to drive fisheries sustainability in the UK and abroad through their engagement with Fishery Improvement Projects. Beyond their seafood portfolio they are also committed to driving environmental and social best practice including; reducing their scope 1 and 2 emissions by 46% between 2015 and 2019, continuing a 17 year strong sponsorship of their hometown football club, and hitting their packaging reduction commitments earlier than targeted.

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Fairfields Farms

Fairfields Farm are one of our suppliers of crisps. Their factory is supplied daily with potatoes grown on the family farm, which means their food miles are the lowest possible. Left-over sunflower oil from the process goes to make biofuel. Rye, maize and left over potatoes go to their on-site Anaerobic Digestion Plant to create bio gas. Their 1.8MW Anaerobic Digester generates enough renewable energy to power 3500-4000 homes, and produces fertiliser to help the potatoes grow. The potato cold stores are powered by renewable energy from both solar power and AD. The AD site saves several thousand tonnes of carbon per year, the equivalent of 60,000 cars per annum off the road.

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Dash water

Dash produce super tasty waters with real, wonky fruit; the bent, crushed, misshapen fruit that would otherwise easily become food waste. Their drinks contain zero sugar, zero sweetener and zero calories. Dash has now also joined the global movement of people and companies using business as a force for good by becoming a Certified B Corporation. They’re on a mission to hydrate and inspire millions of Dash Drinkers by selling 150 millions cans by 2025 and therefore saving 2,600 tonnes of wonky fruit and veg.

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Alpro supplies Bidfood a vast range of plant-based food and drinks. Alpro’s almonds come exclusively from small farms around the Mediterranean where the majority of their growers’ orchards are rainfed. They’re also getting together with the almond co-operatives they work with to make sure that by 2025 their farms will be really bee-friendly. All their Soya is rainforest and GMO free. Most is grown right here in Europe (60% comes from France, Belgium and The Netherlands), the rest in Canada (transported by sea). Finally, all their oats come from Europe and their coconuts from Indonesia.

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Cranswick supply our dry fresh pork under our Farmstead brand and cure air-dried bacon. They have been awarded the highest performance ranking of Tier One in the global Business Benchmark on Farm Animal Welfare (BBFAW). This is the fourth year in a row that they’ve achieved this top spot and they are just one of two food processors in the world to hold this title. In addition to their animal welfare achievements, they have also halved their edible food waste years ahead of the 2030 Champions 12.3 target they committed to in 2018. Through redistribution work with the food charity FareShare, in the first six months of this year alone, they’ve supplied over 207,000 meals to 2,084 charities in their communities.


Dunbia supply twenty of our Farmstead beef lines and they are the first European beef and lamb producer to sign up to the SBTi (Science Based Targets initiative) for CO₂ reduction; more details and their comprehensive CSR report are available here. Their meat is QMS (Quality Meat Scotland) assured.

Alec Jarrett

Alec Jarrett are a BRC A-grade supplier of topside, silverside and striploin joints for our Farmstead brand, based in the heart of the West Country. Their cattle come from Red Tractor Assured farms from the south west of England and South Wales, keeping food miles low and ensuring that cattle are transported with minimal stress. Cattle are fed on grass in the summer months and silage in winter (using dried grass grown in summer, mixed with wheat, barley and supplements). They also run Beef Days for customers (prior to Covid-19), showing the entire process, farm to fork to highlight their high welfare standards, humane slaughtering process and the skill involved in producing and packing the product. All their cattle require passports for full traceability.

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