Sugar management

Bidfood’s approach

At Bidfood, we have worked for many years to support the government’s ambition to reduce the consumption of sugar by children and adults. We’ve worked closely with Public Health England (PHE) on their sugar reduction programme, by developing a strategy to lower the quantity of sugar that is consumed from our products.

This means working towards PHE’s sugar reduction targets by removing sugar from our own brand products, so that we can help customers make informed food choices.

Sugar reduction programme

Our sugar reduction programme involves reformulating our own brand products, for example tray cakes, ice-cream, scones, sponge mixes, and gateaux amongst others, without using sweeteners, and without detriment to quality.

We’ve also introduced a nutritional screening tool for new products, to ensure that nutritional value is a key criteria when we review innovation.

Customer support

To support our customers, we provide key information about the sugar content of our products, an example of which is our Traffic Light Food report.  This report nutritionally profiles all our own brand and branded products against certain standards, such as PHE’s sugar reduction targets, the sugar tax (for soft drinks), or against front of pack traffic light labelling. It’s available from our Advice Centre at or on 0370 3663 000.

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