Palm oil

Palm oil is a highly versatile product, used extensively in food and other sectors because it’s harvested several times a year, is cheap to grow, stable at room temperature, and requires little land compared with alternative crops.  As well as it’s use in food, palm oil is used in lipsticks, soap, laundry liquids, hair conditioners, bio-fuels.

The production of palm oil carries both negative and positive social and environmental impacts.  Whilst it creates employment and alleviates poverty, it can result in deforestation and the destruction of habitats which are critical to many endangered species, as well as soil erosion, and pollution which affect biodiversity and local communities.


The good news is that it can be produced in a responsible manner that respects the environment and the communities where it is commonly grown. There are several ways of achieving this. Bidfood’s aim is to only use the two most sustainable options i.e. Identity Preserved or Segregated Certified Sustainable palm oil or derivatives by Dec 2020 in our own brand products. We are members of the RSPO (The Round Table on Sustainable Palm Oil), and are working with our own brand suppliers to implement this policy- we expect all our own brand suppliers to become members of RSPO too.

We have also encouraged our branded suppliers to support the use of sustainable palm oil and derivatives.

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