To drive a circular economy approach to plastic packaging we:

  • have eliminated all single use plastic straws and stirrers from our range (exception for healthcare)
  • are removing problematic plastics – PVC and Polystyrene from packaging by December 2020
  • are making all own brand ready meal tray packaging widely recyclable by 2024
  • are replacing black plastic with NIR Detectable options to improve recycling rates through 2021
  • are simplifying the materials we use, reducing them to three plastic polymers (PET, PP and PE) by 2023
  • clearly label all own brand products to help customers recycle easily and improve recycling streams
  • are reducing plastic content by 10% (by weight sold) across our top 100 key lines (by weight of packaging) during 2021
  • make sure all new own brand products are critically reviewed during the development process, to ensure plastic and packaging content is minimised or where present, recycled content is increased.

Already we’ve made great progress:

  • we’ve changed our own brand bottled water to 50% recycled plastic content
  • we’ve launched our plastic free range consisting of over 120 compostable and 90 100% recyclable products
  • we’ve written several guides to help customers make informed choices click here to find out more
  • we are swapping black plastics for NIR detectable colours, making recycling easier.

Read the full guide

Plastics in our own brands

We’ve also been working with some of our suppliers to look at how we can reduce the plastic content of some of our own brand packaging.  Several of these suppliers have already made commitments to make changes that will, in the future, yield substantial reductions in plastic.

So far...

We estimate that these commitments have the potential to reduce plastic by over 46,000 kilos per year, and we’ve identified a further 187,000 kilos of plastic savings in our top 100 lines, through reduction or replacement which we will be working hard with our suppliers to implement in 2021.

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