Allergens and intolerances

Bidfood’s approach

Millions in the UK live with food allergies, which can trigger reactions which sometimes, although rarely, have devastating consequences for sufferers.

From October 2021, new UK laws will take effect which will apply to food packaging in England and Northern Ireland. These laws will require businesses to provide full ingredient and allergen labelling on foods which are pre-packed for retail sale, with two years to adapt to the changes.

Allergen product information

At Bidfood, we work hard to provide clear, consistent and accurate allergen product information for our customers. We’ve established an Allergen Management Working Group within the Technical Services team whose responsibility it is to ensure that we have robust systems in place and that the allergen information we hold is correct and up-to-date.

Customer support

We make ongoing checks of our data for both the own brand and branded products in our range. We provide a range of reports that detail the allergen status of our products which are available from our Advice Centre at or on 0370 3663 000.

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