Our fleet

We use more than 1,000 vehicles to deliver to our customers, and we’ve been focusing on four key priorities to reduce their impact on the environment:

Fuel efficiency:

  • we’ve reduced engine idling to 10.6%
  • We’ve increased our KMs per litre of fuel from 3.11 to 3.15 during 2019/2020
  • We’ve reduced carbon emissions (CO₂e per Km travelled) by 3% this past year, for our commercial fleet

Air quality:

we’ve been increasing the number of Euro VI vehicles in our fleet, which are better for the environment. More than two-thirds of our fleet now use Euro VI engines

Alternative fuel vehicles:

  • we’re now using an electric vehicle in our Battersea depot
  • we’ve put electric fridges now on all our vehicles
  • we’re keeping a close eye on innovation in fuel technologies

Vehicle layout:

  • we’ve customised our trucks to allow four cages, rather than the traditional three
  • we’ve fitted a GAAPS partition system, allowing us to flex temperature compartments
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