Managing our impacts


The resources we use as a business all have an environmental impact. The better we get at using these efficiently, the less impact we will have on the environment, and we need to act now to minimise the rise of global temperatures.

Our mission

“We’ll reduce the environmental impacts of our business by sourcing responsibly, minimising our consumption, particularly from non-renewables, including plastics, reducing our waste, and recycling whenever possible.”

Our progress

We are focusing on reducing our impacts in four key areas:

  • By July 2020, 67% of our fleet met the Euro VI emissions standard.
  • From July 2019 to June 2020, we reduced engine idling to 10.6%
  • Thanks to investments in depot infrastructure, the average distance to a customer is now only 26 miles
  • Last year we achieved a diversion rate of 99.6%
  • We also achieved a recycling rate of 83%, well above our 75% target
  • We took steps to remove all single use plastic cups, plates and cutlery from depots
  • We used 8% less pallet wrap per item picked (measured in grams of plastic per item) and 20% less in absolute terms between 2019 calendar year and the 2019/20 financial year
  • In September 2021, we committed to a science based target to reach net zero carbon by 2045. See our commitment here

What we’ve been doing

Find out more about some of the key initiatives we have underway which will reduce our impacts:

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