Government shield packs

Working together to support the vulnerable

For the first time, Bidfood and Brakes joined forces in the biggest effort to deliver supplies to those in need since the Second World War. More than five million packs have now been delivered by both businesses to postcodes right across the country.

Defra and MHCLG "Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government"

Working with government departments (Defra and MHCLG), in a matter of days we mobilised to deliver vital food supplies in the form of care packs to the country’s most vulnerable people in high risk groups across England, Wales and Scotland.

Drawings from employees' children

Some of our employees’ children made drawings which we included in the packs to put a smile on the face of the vulnerable who were self-isolating at home. Bidfood teams received a great many moving and heart-warming letters of thanks from recipients of the care packs.

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