Why choose Sunbites?


At Sunbites we believe there’s a little taste good and do good in every bite. We’ve created some extraordinarily tasty snacks, made with 3 sun-grown wholegrains. If you’ve tried Sunbites you will know what we mean!


We’ve combined 3 whole grains with natural seasonings to give you our Grain Waves range. Including the very popular Sun Ripened Sweet Chilli and the classic Sour Cream and Cracked Black Pepper. Deliciously crunchy multigrains packed into these crispy snacks, sprinkled with delightful flavours. They are utterly scrumptious and perfect for all sectors from coffee shops to hotels and restaurants.


Sunbites Grain Waves are:

• High in fibre
• Suitable for vegetarians
• No added MSG
• No artificial flavours, colours or preservatives
• Extraordinarily tasty!


As well as providing great snacks that are full of flavour, we’ve partnered with CARE international to work towards giving girls the education they deserve. We’ve also embraced ‘Zero waste to landfill’ in our production sites since 2009 which is just another way we make sure there’s a little bit of do good in every bite.


Try our tasty Sunbites Grain Waves by clicking on the link below to order or to find out more about the 2 irresistible snacks on offer:


Why sunbites is right to stock for your business


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