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Eating is serious but enjoyable business in Spain.

Spanish cuisine is all about flavour. In Spanish cooking, almost all dishes require a generous pinch of chopped herbs or a dash of spice, and the resulting flavours are gutsy and bold. It is also heavily influenced by the waters that surround the country so you’ll see numerous seafood items on menus.

Culturally, dining out is seen more as a sociable moment of exchange not only in conversation but sharing foods. This has meant we’ve seen an increase in popularity in tapas items allowing customers to try new things without wasting food.


As with any meal, drinks are served to whet the appetites of the customers.

Why not tempt them with a refreshing traditional Spanish drink?

Tapas: Always better with friends

Pronounced ‘tapa’ and meaning ‘pot cover’ in Spanish, the original tapas were thin slices of meat or cheese. Used to cover glasses of sweet sherry to keep the flies away in between sips, the tapas eventually became as important as the sherry!

Centre plate

Spanish cuisine is rich in all sorts of delicious food. And yes, meat is a centre piece of the meal. A famous Spanish meat dish is the Arroz con Pollo (Spanish chicken) which is a big bowl of yellow saffron rice and chicken enhanced with chorizo, onions and a mixture of herbs. It is simple and comforting.


Paella is Spain’s national dish and is usually made from beans, vegetables, spices, fish, and shellfish, though it is common for pork or chicken to be used instead of fish.

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