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Vitalises mind and body

In 1987, Red Bull not only launched a completely new product, it created a whole new product category — energy drinks. From day one, Red Bull has been giving wings to people and ideas, setting many milestones in sports and culture.

What’s in the Can?


Caffeine was well known by ancient civilisations. They consumed it from natural sources like tea, coffee, cacao beans and cola nuts and appreciated its stimulating effects on the human body.


Taurine is an amino acid, naturally occurring in the human body and present in the daily diet. It is involved in a wide range of biological processes.

B-group vitamins

Vitamins are essential micronutrients that are required for maintaining normal body functions.


Red Bull Energy Drink is made with sugar sourced from sugar beets.

Why stock Red Bull?

  • The need for energy is driven by mentally and physically demanding work (1)
  • Red Bull is the UK’s leading energy drink (2)
  • 34% of consumers have a Red Bull while working (3)
  • 70% of employees have a need for energy drinks at work (4)


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Red Bull Energy

Red Bull Energy Drink is appreciated worldwide by top athletes, students, and in highly demanding professions as well as during long drives.

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Red Bull Energy 24 x 250ml

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Red Bull Energy 24 x 355ml

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Red Bull Sugarfree

Wings without sugar: Red Bull Sugarfree is Red Bull Energy Drink without sugar.

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Red Bull Sugarfree 24 x 250ml

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Red Bull Sugarfree 24 x 355ml

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