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We are a nation of crisp lovers!

Crisps are the nations No1 preferred snack according to Mintel (Mintel, Consumer Snacking, UK, May 2018) joint with fresh fruit; beating chocolate into 3rd place. The nation’s love for crisps is only set to grow, with 37% consumers admitting to replacing meals with snacks once a week and more consumers eating crisps out of home (OOH) than when at home, 80% vs 50%, (Mintel, Crisps, Savoury Snacks and Nuts, UK, January 2019) crisps and food service are a match made in golden crunchy heaven!

Whether snacking for fuel or fun (and we believe snacking should always be fun!), flavour, quality and convenience are vital.

REAL Handcooked crisps is a food service exclusive brand which means there is no pricing read across into retail. By stocking a superior quality crisp brand you are ordering something diff­erent to consumers when they are OOH rather than their usual at-home snacks, REAL helps to make their meal out or on-the-go that bit more special. Plus research shows that consumers are prepared to pay up to 30% more for premium crisps over standard crisps. (CGA Strategy Research 2016/17)

 * CGA Strategy Research 2016/2017

With more than nine out of ten consumers partnering their handcooked crisps with a drink, and over eight out of ten eating crisps with foods such as a sandwich or a wrap, adding REAL to a meal deal is a simple way to up-sell, encouraging cross purchases and maximising your sales. (Norstat, Consumer Usage, 6,137 GB representative consumers of crisps or snacks in the last 6 weeks, March 2019)

*Norstat | Consumer Usage | | 6,137 GB representative consumers of crisps and/or snacks in the last 6 months | March 2019

What’s REAL about?

REAL is hand cooked in Northamptonshire, the heart of England, using British potatoes and 100% rapeseed and sunflower oil. The majority of our potatoes are from a 30 mile radius of the factory and we take in fresh deliveries daily to meet our high quality standards.

The range is 100% vegetarian, even our unique punchy meaty flavours including Ham & English Mustard and Roast Ox. We also have the stalwart of popular flavours; Sea Salt, Strong Cheese & Onion and Sea Salt & Malt Vinegar and for those who like it hot we’ve Sweet Chilli and Jalapeno.

We REAL-ly think you’ll be stocking the right crisp brand when stocking REAL Handcooked. To bring this all to life please see our short video that explains why at the bottom of this page!

There are award winning flavours in the range too with our Sea Salt & Malt Vinegar and Jalapeno winning 2020 Great Taste awards. The judges complimented the distinct punchy flavours as well as the freshness and superior crunch of the crisps. Testament to our batch cooking, which takes 3 times longer than standard conventional crisps, as well as being stirred by hand to prevent clumping to ensure every crisp is golden and evenly cooked.

Ensuring your snack offering is highly visible will encourage impulse purchases. According to Mintel (2019) the mid-afternoon commands 56% of crisps sales; so it is REAL-ly important ensure your crisp range is clearly visible and well stocked throughout the day.

*HIM! Foodservice Research 2016

Point of sale and display

Display is crucial to capturing incremental sales. Snack sales increase by up to 80% when they are made more visible (HIM! 2016). Make your REAL Handcooked crisps attract more attention, with our free impactful point of sale (POS):

  • Freestanding floor units
  • Back of bar / counter stands
  • Bar runners
  • Coasters
  • Clip strips
  • Face masks

See our full POS range here

At REAL, we pride ourselves on creating the finest British-made crisps from home-grown potatoes, which are:

  • Handcooked to give a REAL crunch – you can’t keep quality crisps quiet!
  • Seasoned with flavours that deliver REAL punch – with award winning flavours in the range
  • Famous for our REAL-ly meaty flavours that set us apart from the competition – and suitable for vegetarians
  • Packed in vibrant packaging, ‘with bags full of character’ – that shout buy-me, try-me!

Speak to your Bidfood contact for more info and to order

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