Topic 1 – consumer confidence

Our first topic looks at the level of confidence as we stand, the role of trust and the new hierarchy of importance to consumers. This topic is here to help inform you how the general market place is looking in the eyes of the consumer, and support you in building their trust back up and get them back through your doors.

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Consumer confidence

Consumer confidence is not looking great at the moment with only 22% of GB adults saying they would feel comfortable eating/drinking out as soon as government restrictions are lifted.1 This stems from a general hesitation and fear over the safety of eating out. Although consumers overwhelmingly said that they missed eating out; with coffee shops, restaurants, pubs and bars featuring strongly, the general consensus is a nervous one!2

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The new hierarchy of importance

Consumers’ needs have now changed and in order to rebuild consumer confidence operators must communicate the measures that they’re taking and showcase them to further increase trust and reassurance. Although ethical, charitable, community based and environmental initiatives are also of significant increased interest, the top five messages that consumers want to see from operators all focus on safety or hygiene factors.

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The roles of deals, offers and promotions

Aligned to the new hierarchy of importance, it’s fascinating that consumers are less interested in deals, offers and promotions than before lockdown.3 This is likely because consumers’ biggest concern at the moment is the failure of local businesses, demonstrating their empathy and appreciation for struggling businesses.4 Now is the time to focus on your local messaging and building your community following to help you thrive in the future!

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