Topic 3 – the importance of localism and sustainability

Our third topic looks at what changes UK consumers will make ‘for good’ when it comes to localism and sustainability. With the hospitality market finally set to reopen, it focuses on the importance of localism, sustainability and supporting consumers in their desire to activate positive change.

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Localism and sustainability post-lockdown

Localism and sustainability have always been important to consumers and they cover many diverse areas. Sourcing, provenance, heritage, community and environmental impact are really key in this and we take a look here at what sub topics have risen in importance to consumers during COVID-19, to help you understand how best to appeal to the consensus.

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Making local feel really local

During lockdown the failure of local businesses has risen to be one of the UK’s consumer’s biggest concerns1. Making local feel really local is about more than just local produce though! Yes sourcing a variety of local products is key, but localism goes beyond what is on your menu and encompasses how you behave within and support your local community.

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Attainable sustainability

Covid-19 has been the single biggest driver of global change we have seen for a long time. It has provided the motivation for consumer to take another look at the issues that exist within society and our environment. The messages you communicate out on the environmental impact of your offer and the credentials of your menu will have an even greater emphasis and importance.

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