Topic 2 – where and how consumers want to be reached

Our second topic looks at where and how consumers want to be reached, on which media formats and provides recommendations on the relevant and compelling messaging to drive action! Consumers are keen to get back to you with 63% of Brits recently saying they will return to restaurants, bars or cafes in the first month of opening, if provided with enough confidence to do so.1

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This stuff matters

There has been lots of reports on how brands should communicate with their customers during the outbreak. A recent YouGov poll revealed that 51% of consumers agree that brands are over-communicating and 69% agree that brands are delivering similar messages to one another.2 However if you get those messages right and behaved both ethically and morally in lockdown a recent study showed 75% of consumers would be more willing to purchase from you.3

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The best media formats

Consumers still prefer to source information on their own terms, making it essential to keep websites, menus, emails and social media up to date3. Keep your website current, relevant, informative and user friendly, and making sure you’re set up correctly on google is a must. When it comes to social media, focus on the main channels and keep engaging with your local community!

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The right messages, tone and frequency

Keep your messaging to consumers relevant, clear, evidenced and frequent in order to rebuild their confidence. Whilst you must always remain true to your brand and establishment, there are some important principles you should adopt when specifically aiming to rebuild customer confidence after this period of uncertainty. Follow our 4 step plan to keeping your messaging on point!

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1The NPD Group

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