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Blending innovation and flavour with the best ingredients

At Quality Cuisine we pride ourselves on listening to our customers, to create hand crafted products that deliver on taste and satisfaction using only the best ingredients such as Somerset brie & Devon blue cheese sourced locally, Scottish smoked salmon from within the UK and evocative spices from around the globe.

Our innovative approach to product development inspires our selection, from popular favourites, vegan and vegetarian solutions, all the way through to the latest trends plus products made especially for specific dietary requirements including gluten free.

We are truly passionate about understanding our customers’ needs and it is our mission to make delicious and versatile products from locally sourced ingredients where available, providing provenance and quality, all hand crafted in Devon to the highest standards.

Take a look at our range of Quality Cuisine products below!


These pâtés have the perfect combination of meat contrasted with fruit to deliver a rich flavour. They come individually prepared in a portion size suitable for a starter, and their classic shapes give good visual appeal on the plate.

Quality Cuisine hog roast pork & apple pâté (74350)

An individually packed terrine shaped pâté made with pork liver, roasted pork and apple pieces

Quality Cuisine chicken liver, clementine & candied cranberry pâté (32467)

An individual pâté giving portion control and an excellent flavour of chicken liver, clementine and cranberries

Quality Cuisine duck liver & candied orange pâté (74351)

An individually packed terrine shaped pâté made with duck liver and pork flecked with candied orange pieces


Fritters are versatile as the portion size depends on how many you choose to serve up, so they can be used for either a starter or a main course. They have a lovely crispy crumb coating and the contrast of colours in these ones looks amazing when cut open on the plate.

Quality Cuisine breaded goat's cheese & beetroot fritters (32470)

Sliced goat's cheese and beetroot coated in a crispy crumb

Parfait & soufflés

The French adjective parfait literally means ‘perfect’, and once you have tried these you’ll agree! With their innovative melting Prosecco centres, encased in rich smoked salmon mousse topped with Scottish smoked salmon, these are sure to be a high talking point with your customers’.

Soufflés are a light and fluffy eat and you’ll find portion control is easy as these come individually crafted. They are ideal for use as a starter or even as a savoury dessert!

Quality Cuisine smoked salmon & prosecco centre parfait (32465)

Smoked salmon mousse topped with smoked salmon and liquid prosecco centre

Quality Cuisine salmon & crème fraîche soufflé (42498)

A light twice baked soufflé flecked with smoked salmon and subtle hints of crème fraiche

Quality Cuisine smoked applewood & pear chutney soufflé (42494)

A light twice baked soufflé with smoked applewood cheese and a pear chutney base


Made using locally sourced British ingredients where possible, these tarts combine tasty flavours and are beautifully presented individual portions. Truly versatile, use as either a starter or main course plus they can be used for a fork buffet too. The range easily allows you to cater for vegetarians, vegans or those following a gluten free diet.

Quality Cuisine goat's cheese & red onion tart (38036)

A gluten free pastry filled with sweet balsamic & red onion confit topped with a creamy goats cheese sauce and finished with slow roasted red onion and a crisp crumb

Quality Cuisine gluten free Monterey jack cheese & roquito pepper tart (38038)

A gluten free pastry filled with tangy tomato chutney and a decadent Monterey Jack cheese sauce hand finished with Roquito pepper and a crisp crumb

Quality Cuisine salmon, dill & lemon Tart (42499)

A gluten free lemon and black pepper pastry filled with salmon and dill topped with flaked kiln roasted salmon

Quality Cuisine Somerset brie & blueberry tart (32362)

BFFF 2018 Gold Award Winner. A winning combination of savoury Somerset brie and sweet blueberries in crisp pastry

Savoury traybakes

These innovative new traybakes bring a point of difference as they are savoury not sweet! They are handmade from gluten free pastry and the colourful vegetarian ingredients contribute to their visual appeal as well as making them so tasty to eat. As an added bonus they aren’t pre-cut, so once defrosted you can portion them yourself to the size that suits your needs.

Quality Cuisine gluten free butternut squash, beetroot & feta traybake

Handmade gluten free pastry case filled with roasted butternut squash, soft beetroot and feta cheese, topped with roasted sunflower seeds

Quality Cuisine gluten free tomato, roquito pepper & cheese traybake

Handmade gluten free pastry case filled with mixed roasted cherry tomatoes, piquant peppers, mozzarella cheese and pesto

Quality Cuisine gluten free goat's cheese & spinach traybake

Handmade gluten free pastry case filled with red onion confit, wilted spinach, creamy goat's cheese and finished with candied cranberries


We’ve taken some of the popular authentic Indian dishes and added modern twists to offer something new and exciting for your menu. Whilst some of the range are fusion products such as the Keema hotpot – an Indian take on the British classic shepherd’s pie; and the chilli paneer, a clever Indo-Chinese fusion dish, others are traditional Indian classics using current on-trend ingredients, such as the Gobi dhansak which uses chunky pieces of roasted cauliflower. One thing’s for sure, they’ve got the bold flavours that Indian cuisine is synonymous for, perfectly redeveloped for British consumers plus some of the dishes meet the dietary needs of vegetarians and vegans too.

Quality Cuisine Kashmiri butter chicken (61484)

An individual microwaveable portion of Kashmiri butter chicken with roasted marinated chicken in a rich curry sauce with creamed coconut, apricots and natural yogurt

Quality Cuisine keema lamb hotpot

A hotpot of keema lamb and Bombay potatoes, individual portion

Quality Cuisine layered cauliflower, Bombay potato & lentil dhal

Large roasted cauliflower, layers of spiced Bombay potatoes and butternut squash chunks with a lentil dahl and coriander dressing drizzle

Quality Cuisine royal pilaf (61485)

An individual microwavable portion of royal pilaf with basmati rice, mango, apricots, coconut and spices

Quality Cuisine curries (61480, 61477, 61478)

Take your pick from our individual portions of gobi dhansak, chana masala and chilli paneer

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