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The market’s top-performing frying oil is back!

Having been reformulated to meet the new European Commission trans fat legislation, Prep’s best-selling, market-leading Ultra long-life frying oil is back in the market.

Produced from a unique, specialist blend of high oleic sunflower, rapeseed and high-performance rapeseed oil, Prep Ultra enables customers to fry with confidence, knowing their oil meets the latest safety legislation.

Rapeseed oil is low in saturated fatty acids, and provides a rich source of omega 3, 6 and 9. It is stable at high temperature and resistant to oxidation – making it ideal for heavy duty frying. Prep Ultra also contains a small percentage of fully hydrogenated rapeseed oil, which does not contain trans fatty acids, to boost its frying performance.

It is semi-liquid when stored at room temperature and is easy to store, pour and filter. It can be used in gas or electric fryers, making it the ideal choice for the busiest commercial setting, where a range of food is being fried at every service.

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Choosing a high-performance frying oil

Your frying oil can make all the difference to the food you cook. It’s the vital link between your equipment and your food, and what turns raw ingredients into delicious dishes, satisfied customers, rave reviews and return business.

Choosing the right kind of oil for your needs is an investment. And it will help you to save money, save time, and cook food that looks and tastes great, at every fry.

Prep high-performance frying oil is specially developed to last up to three times as long as standard frying oils. It’s a stable, reliable, long-life oil that you can trust with your reputation.

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Why you should use Prep

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Prep is great for food

Driving the quality and safety of fried food

Prep is good for business

Optimising oil expenditure, reducing waste

Prep is kind to the planet

Responsibly produced and supplied in recyclable packaging

Why go for a long-life frying oil?

Long-life oil is a blend of oil that is stable, which means it can withstand high temperatures and repeated exposure to oxygen, water and food better than other oils. All oils degrade eventually, but standard frying oils do so far more quickly than long-life oils.

Long-life oil will last longer and does not need to be changed as often. A longer life oil will also ensure great-tasting and good-looking food, as well as improving cost in use and reducing down time and waste in the kitchen.

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Prep long life frying oils can help you…

Save time

Change oil less often

Optimise oil spend

Avoid buying more than you need

Improve food quality

Produce fresh tasting, crisp fried food for longer

Ensure food and kitchen safety

Extend your oil’s safe frying life

Reduce waste

Use less oil and packaging

The Prep promise

Our promise is to create lasting value for your business by supplying the right responsibly-sourced, expertly blended long life frying oil for your needs, with sector-leading oil management support.

We combine frying knowhow, sourcing strength and manufacturing expertise to deliver on our promise. We back that up with a determination to understand your business, and share our skills, knowledge, insights and experience.

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