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We understand the important role that school caterers play in putting children on the right path to a healthy lifestyle and we are proud to continue our collaborative work with our education customers. With the day-to-day challenges of managing budgets, meeting school food requirements and minimising food waste, all whilst keeping school meals interesting for pupils, there is a real need for brands and menu solutions that you can rely on.


As one of Britain’s largest food producers, Premier Foods is proud to supply some of the nation’s best loved brands, offering a range of products and formats to help you to create everyday tasty dishes for your school menu. We have listened to our customers feedback and focused of latest education guide around three key areas to help school caterers make the most of breakfast clubs, the Food For Life scheme, and helping to reduce sugar content across the menus.


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Following the developments to school food regulations in 2015, schools are required to provide more wholemeal varieties of starchy foods on their menus. Hovis Best of Both is not only suitable for schools in line with this guidance, but it also gives children the taste that they are used to and provides goodness in their daily diet.


Hovis Best of Both contains a combination of wheat white flour and wholemeal flour, with added wheatgerm. The mix is also rich in calcium and a source of fibre. Although some caterers may turn to ready-made breads to cope with the time constraints faced in the kitchen, it is far more cost-effective to prepare baked goods using flour based mixes.

Top tips from Mark Rigby, Executive Chef at Premier Foods


Our Hovis Best of Both mix is the ideal solution for caterers to offer to pupils who enjoy the taste of white bread, but with added wholemeal and wheatgerm. The made up mix is also rich in calcium and a source of fibre, proving a better for you alternative to white bread, whilst still providing the same great taste. The mix is so versatile and can be customised with a variety of ingredients to add flavour, including pesto, cheese or herbs and spices. One of the greatest benefits about the mix is how cost effective and time saving it is, whilst still producing high quality and freshly baked goods and not compromising on taste.


Top tips for making bread in schools


Keep flour used for shaping to a minimum. Excessive use of flour for shaping and rolling will result in a tough crust. It makes it hard to shape. Using a little olive oil on the work surface will avoid this and assist in shaping.

If using a bread mix such as our McDougalls bread mix or Hovis Best of Both mix, ensure you use the correct amount of water. Adding too little water causes the dough to be tight, and a close textured finished product. Too much water causes the dough to be sticky, making it hard to handle.

Use warm water. If the rising needs to be slowed, cold water can be used. If time allows, using cold water improves the flavour and also allows the dough to be made in advance and then stored covered in the fridge until needed. The School Food Standards state that bread – with no added fat or oil – must be available every day.

Perfect for back to school

Hovis Best of Both recipe ideas

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