Pizza Perfettissima

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It’s what goes into it that counts

Say hello to the new face of pizza perfection

A harmony of authentic taste and back-of-house simplicity. Introducing Pizza Perfettissima from your Go-To Pizza Experts, Dr. Oetker Professional. It’s time to re-write the rules of pizza perfection with the new, authentic pizza experience for your customers, going from kitchen to table in as little as 4 minutes.

With an artisan crust and hand-made visual appeal

Bringing brilliant pizza to your menu has never been easier. Combining artisan taste with back-of-house ease and simplicity, Pizza Perfettissima has a consistently crispy, thin base, premium toppings, and authentic crust. Made from extra-long-fermented dough, the range is pre-baked in a stone oven for an unbelievable texture and flavour.

When it comes to pizza perfection, it doesn’t have to be hard, but it does have to be Pizza Perfettissima.

  • Available in sauce-topped base and a base-only option coming soon
  • Range of tasty flavours: Margherita, Salame, & BBQ Pollo.
  • Long-fermented dough for a more rustic appearance and traditional taste
  • Cooks straight from frozen in as little as 2 minutes¹

Our range

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Dr Oetker Perfettissima Salame

Bidfood code: 81579

Dr Oetker Perfettissima BBQ Pollo

Bidfood code: 81578

Dr Oetker Perfettissima Margherita

Bidfood code: 81581

Dr Oetker Perfettissima Pomodoro base

Bidfood code: 81580

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